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decorWelcome to Akazienhof Equine Rehabilitation Center!

In our Rehabilitation Center we offer our competent holistic help for horses and humans.

To be able to detect and understand a problem, one needs to consider an individual as the whole — the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical elements of each individual comprise a system. Everything is connected in one body, everything influences everything. Often there are causes one has not considered as true ones, and which, on the first sight, do not have anything to do with an actual symptom. Our healing approach is based on a fact, that there is a cause of every problem, so, looking into each individual as the whole system, we treat and remove a true cause of a problem, not just a symptom.

In a case of the horse, one needs also to take into consideration horse's owner as a part of the whole system. In order to understand better a matter of a problem and to give your horse a proper therapy, we put a priority on the competent consultation of horse's owner. Which ever problem you might have, we are sure to find a cause quickly and precisely.

There're no horse boxes (stalls) in our Center — free movement is first and the most important precondition for health of the horse. Our approach is based on a free will and body's natural healing abilities, we don't use forceful manipulations on horses. This we acknowledge for each living creature.

In our Center we offer:

· Ozone therapy
· Acupressure
· Osteopathy and manual therapy
· Psychokinesiology
· Colloid therapy
· Phytotherapy
· Holistic hoof treatment and lameness rehabilitation
· Training and building communication between human and horse

We look forward to helping you and your horse. Our methods are based on the principles and researches of Academia Liberti, which, in many aspects, differ from the traditional west medicine and sometimes oppose it. We welcome your horse to stay in Akazienhof for a rehabilitation time. All the preconditions for her happy and healthy life are provided at our Center.

We also offer accommodation for those who are interested in following a rehabilitation process of their horses in our Center.


academialiberti@gmail.com phone +36 203683001