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The base of this energy knowledge is traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). It does not treat symptoms, since this is pointless, but a cause. A symptom is a distress signal of a body, spirit or soul, it is not a cause. One fourth of the world population has been treated by TCM over 5000 years. Also in Europe this knowledge is not unknown. For example, one can find it in the notes of Hildegard von Bingen. TCM is preventive medicine in the first place, it treats health, while we are usually used to treat an illness.

A good TCM therapist is able to recognize signals of a disease in 6 months and longer before its actual onset, and to offer a therapy which would strengthen the health, and by it to prevent the onset of the disease. We all have our life energy and it is a main point of each energy treatment. When energy is able to flow freely, then there can be no disease. First, it is a disorder in this energy flow what makes possible at all for a disease to appear.

Acupressure can not only be used as an adjuvant method for treating injuries, in the first place, it is to be applied as a preventive against diseases and for the general strengthening of health. It can successfully be used for treating stiffness, muscle problems, joint problems and in general all problems of the locomotor system, but also by all other problems as strengthening the life energy has only positive effect on everything altogether. It is very important for us in our Center to educate and/or tutor horse owner, so that also in future a disease can be prevented and a human can rejoice the life together with his healthy horse.

Price per treatment:
15 Euro


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