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decorOsteopathy and manual therapy

Our organism, like also organism of horses, is based on many complex structures, which are all connected to each other. This is why fascias, which connect the structures, are so important in osteopathy treatment. A principle of osteopathy is to treat an individual as the whole, not just separate symptoms or problems. In our approach, we use the knowledge about body's natural ability to repair itself and to keep its health on itself. When everything is naturally balanced in the body, only then an individual could be healthy.

The horse's body is designed by the nature to be in constant movement. Her muscles, bones, joints need free movement, and her nervous system feels the same as ours, like, for example, after stress and exhaustion. And the horse feels a relieve from pain the same way as we do. Using a help of manual therapy, osteopathy, our knowledge of biomechanics, anatomy and the natural body's abilities, we're able to take a look into "inner" of the horse and to feel what she feels.

Possessing this knowledge about the true health of the horse, we feel responsible for helping horses and giving competent advises to horses owners.

Price per treatment:
15 Euro


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