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Disinfecting and germ killing effects of ozone (O3) is scientifically proven. The traditional ozone therapies include: intravenous autohemotransfusion (also known as ozone autohemotherapy (O3-AHT)), intramuscular (O3-AHT), intro-articular & intradiscal O2/O3 gas injections, rectal and vaginal insufflation, transdermal ozone gas sauna, limb bagging or booting, ozonated oil (such as avocado, olive, hemp seed, canola or sunflower), liniments & poultices, drinking ozonated water, dental applications. Ozone therapy in human medicine is applied for treating any skin disorder, arthrosis and in general for the increasing abilities of immune system by any disease.

The most important effects of ozone, which we use in our treatment, are increasing the blood circulation, increasing amount of oxygen in tissue (especially ill tissue), and ability of ozone to dramatically reduce bacteria, fungi and viruses. We use mostly ozonated water, freshly ozonated for each treatment with highly concentrated ozone, which has also the best effect on a body. Ozone therapy decreases a time of healing by any disease, from malanders (mud fever), to laminitis and other hoof problems, and to respiratory and skin problems. It helps by its regenerative effect, and has a general positive effect on the energies of a body.

Price per treatment:
10 Euro


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