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Often illnesses or pain have unresolved psychological conflicts or psychological causes, as with us, so also with our horses. Physical symptoms can have different causes. A conflict from the past or the pressure to perform, many symptoms point from the surface to a deeper conflict. By a horse it often can be a conflict coming from a previous owner, for example, and these patterns persist and impede development of an intimate relationship with his human. It does not matter how long a certain conflict dates back as long as this is not resolved, it is always present. Often one notices the effect only if such a conflict has been resolved, one's quality of life and joy raises and one was not even aware of it.

Psychokinesilogie can help with acute and chronic complaints. It is suitable for insecurity, depression, anxiety, despair, resignation, but also associated with metabolic disorders, pain, allergies, etc. Emotions are connected with organs and colors. All this makes psychokinesiology very effective in the diagnosis and treatment. In the application of psychokinesiology it is very helpful and recommended to involve the owners, as it is often or even always an interplay and reflection between human and horse.

Price per treatment:
40 Euro


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